Dead Smartphone Battery

Dead Smartphone Battery

Immediate Actions (If Murphy Strikes):

  1. Charge it (wall charger, laptop via USB cable, external battery pack)
  2. Use a tablet or laptop instead for talking and texting

Prevent it from Happening (Nipping Murphy in the Bud):

  1. Use a bigger smartphone battery
  2. Adjust your smartphone’s power management settings
    1. Reduce screen brightness
    2. Configure a “low battery” alert that disables non-essential features
  3. Get into the habit of keeping you phone charged and turning it off completely if you won’t be using it

Make it Less Painful (Raining on Murphy’s Parade): 

  1. Carry a wall/USB charger with you
  2. Carry an extra charged battery (if you are able to change out your battery)

Extreme Measures! (Making Murphy Cry):

  1. Never leave home without a hand-cranked power generator

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