Lost Car Keys

Lost Car Keys
If Murphy Strikes (Immediate Actions):
  1. Triple check all of your pockets, bags, surfaces
  2. Retrace your steps
  3. If were in a store, let them know
  4. Go get or have someone bring your extra set of keys
  5. Call a locksmith who is able to cut and activate a new car key

Nipping Murphy in the Bud (Prevention Steps):

  1. Get in the habit of keeping your keys in the same place
  2. Use a “wireless lease” that sets off an alarm if your keys are separated from your smartphone
  3. Don’t let children or animals play with your car keys

Raining on Murphy’s Parade (Steps to Reduce Impact):

  1. Have an extra set of keys made
  2. Hide an extra key on your car
  3. Label your keys with your phone number
  4. Use a car with key-less start (so you never have to remove the fob from your pocket/purse)

Making Murphy Cry (Extreme Measures!):

  1. Retrofit your car to use an advanced bio-metric access system (You are the key now!)
  2. Lock your keys in your car and then use your phone to unlock the car (and then don’t lose your phone!)

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