Dead Car Battery

If Murphy Strikes:

  1. Jump start car
  2. Keep car running (in well ventilated area) for 20 minutes to charge the battery
  3. Turn-off car and then restart to confirm that battery will hold a charge

Nipping Murphy in the Bud:

  1. Establish habit to confirm lights and accessories are turned off
  2. Drive car weekly to keep battery charged
  3. Test battery health every year

Raining on Murphy’s Parade:

  1. Carry charged battery jumper pack of sufficient power to start your engine
    1. Charge after each use or every six months
  2. Carry jumper cables of sufficient thickness and length
    1. Thicker cables (lower gauge) transmit electricity better
    2. Full copper cables transmit electricity better
    3. Longer cables make it easier to jump a disabled car in a awkward position
  3. Keep a roadside assistance plan

Making Murphy Cry:

  1. Travel exclusively by privately chauffeured limousine
  2. Trade your car in for a horse
  3. Drive a fully electric car

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