Lost Smartphone

If Murphy Strikes:

  1. Call your smartphone and hope that you hear it or that someone answers (hopefully not a thief!)
  2. Use phone-finding app to locate, lock, and possibly wipe your phone
  3. Change your passwords
  4. Notify your financial institutions

Nipping Murphy in the Bud:

  1. Get into the habit of keeping your smartphonein the same locations (pocket, purse, desk) and checking for it
  2. Use a “wireless leash” that vibrates when your smartphone becomes separated from you

Raining on Murphy’s Parade:

  1. Password protect your smartphone
  2. Label your smartphone to make it easy to return
  3. Schedule frequent backups of the data on your smartphone
  4. Install a phone-finding app
  5. Write down your wireless carrier’s phone number

Making Murphy Cry:

  1. Hire a bodyguard to carry your smartphone for you
  2. Handcuff your smartphone to you

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